St. Basil of Ostrog
Serbian Orthodox Church
Lake Forest, Illinois
KSS Sv Jelena of Anjou

2019 Sv. Jelena KSS Board:

Masha Kosanovich – President –

1nd Vice-president: Debbie Stokovich; 

2nd Vice-president: Elena Clymer; 

Kathy Argyris – Treasurer
Darlene Lada – Financial Secretary
Slobodanka Vranjes – Secretary –

Correspondence Secretary: Diane Vojcanin; 

Millie Terzic – Audit Committee

Helen Mandich – Audit Committee  


Members-At-Large: Angela Matz, Vera Fostar, Dobrila Savic, Sofia Scalzitti.


Script Gift Card Program: Dawn Pakaski 

Sunshine: Seja Price-O’Dell.



Sunday School Liason: Dunja Vla.

Cultural Program Liason: Daniela Gavric;

Catering Liason: Sofia Obradovic Scalzitti -


All sisters are invited to attend and lunch is free for members.


Sunday Lunches
Sunday lunches are a tradition at St. Basil Church. Our Chef, Jelista Kostov, prepares a stunning buffet weekly. Lunch is not only delicious, but provides a great opportunity for faithful to spend time getting to know one another. During the school year, various events are held after lunch that provide learning and entertainment for everyone who stays.


KSS Annual Serbian Orphanage Fundraiser
The annual KSS orphanage fundraising project had its most successful year this spring raising over $5,000 at a Sunday lunch to help those in great need especially those with handicaps. The kolo tried to expand the event by offering a full meal of favorites by hosting the fundraiser on Meat Fare Sunday. Everyone enjoys the grill specialties and all the effort that went into the preparing of the special menu.


KSS Expands Its Work and Support. Cooking with Basil

The St. Basil KSS has expanded its impact and work for the support of the parish. The KSS Sv. Jelena added new events that educate and raise funds. The kolo's evening event called Cooking with Basil is hosted a few times per year. These programs have featured how to make vegan delights, hand-stretching pita dough, rolled torte, baklava, Lenten dishes, appetizers and various desserts. These events begin with wine, cheeses and visiting. Admission is free, but donations are gratefully accepted. The kolo has raised $750 to $1000 at each event.



The scrip program is a great fundraising tools.  It enables parishioners to raise funds by just ordering gift cards. Families can use scrip (gift cards) to pay for gas, groceries, restaurants, home improvement, clothing, entertainment and gift giving.  The parishioner buys the gift card for the amount needed and a percentage of the gift card purchase comes back to the church.  Please contact Dawn Pakaski or one of the board members to purchase a scrips gift card. 


Food Drive

For I was hungry and you gave me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me something to drink . . .” - Matthew 25: 35Please bring in non-perishable food items to the St. Basil church donation bin near the candle stand.  The food is then delivered to nearby food shelters in the community.  Please let’s help feed our brothers and sisters in need.


Lenten Soup Sales
Kolo sold prepared Lenten soups during the Pascal Lenten season. Each week, faithful could purchase homemade Lenten soups for $10.00 per container to take home and enjoy during the Lenten week. Each week another sister prepares about 7 gallons of her favorite soup or Lenten chili for others to purchase and enjoy.  This popular idea has really caught on and really helps those who like to have soup daily but don’t have the time to make it happen.


Christmas Cesnica & Traditional Centerpiece
The St. Basil KSS also instituted the making of homemade Christmas  (breads) česnica and the sprouted wheat/candle centerpieces (pšenica) for the holidays. Sisters gather at church on Jan. 6th in the morning and make about 50 česnica with a gold one-dollar piece hidden inside the bread. This welcomed idea has proven to be a winner and loved by those who have to work or are busy Moms on Christmas Eve. Both ideas sell out in a very short period of time.


Midwest KSS
The Kolo participated in the Midwestern Diocesan events by donating a day of work to do all the food prep for the Diocesan Memorial Day picnic. They cleaned and prepared all the food that would be cooked and served at the picnic as well as helped with the cleaning of the kitchen for the picnic. Two St. Basil KSS members also serve on the Midwestern Diocesan Board.


The Kolo efforts have resulted in improved attendance and increased monetary support for our Church School and Church. The kolo supports the Church School by hosting various events, paying for the annual teen leadership training in September, and in many other ways. Our kolo also provides all the palms and willows and supports with the flowers for the decorating of the church for Great Friday and Pascha.


Where would any church be without the support of a strong Kolo? St. Basil is fortunate to have that kind of Kolo.  Their creativity and generosity in supporting the church and providing the support for educational programming of our parish children. Thank you sisters for your love and all you do.


Catered Events
Please view our Catering Info Page for details about our Circle of Serbian Sisters Catering program.



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