St. Basil of Ostrog
Serbian Orthodox Church
Lake Forest, Illinois

The St. Basil of Ostrog Bookstore exists to provide a way to know Jesus Christ through accessible and excellently publications and materials and resources that lead to a living experience of living an Orthodox Christian life.

Our mission is to embrace the fullness of the Orthodox Christian faith, encourage believers, and equip the faithful with knowledge.

The St. Basil Bookstore offers many items for the Orthodox believer, as well as, those new to the Orthodox faith.  The bookstore is open on Sundays, on big feast days and by appointment made by calling the church office. Call (847) 247-0077 to arrange an appointment during the work and/or on non-feast days. You can also email the office at

The St. Basil Bookstore also has the ability to order any item that might be needed. Many books are available in two languages, as well as, for all ages.

The bookstore is managed by stewards Diana Potkonjak and Dr. Paul Saniuk.



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