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Our Serbs - Nasi Srbi

Is a newly formed charitable organization that compliments other charitable organizations also working in Serbia, such as Vlade Divac who provides sustainable housing, Novak Djokovic who works for preschool for all, and Lifeline whose work focuses on improving the lives and housing of orphanages and orphans. OUR SERBS focuses its resources on the homeless and poorest of the poor families in Serbia.


The help provided by OUR SERBS focuses directly on sustainable assistance that helps a family feed itself and eventually others. It provides seeds, plants, and livestock not only to feed a family, but to give them the dignity that has escaped them or been deprived to them by their circumstances of poverty.


OUR SERBS provided traditional Paschal feast meals to the homeless through the Belgrade Soup Kitchen, a facility started and sponsored by the Serbian Orthodox Church in Belgrade.


OUR SERBS also focuses its time and resources working hand in hand with village priests that know first hand the struggles of the poorest in their parishes and diocese.


OUR SERBS works with and through approval and support of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Serbia and America.  This non profit walks side by side with the clergy who pray for the means to help those below third world country standards.


OUR SERBS also works with great effort to avoid high shipping costs by using its funds to purchase needed resources there where it also helps sustain jobs and local economies in Serbia.


Compassion Starts with Us

To Better the Lives of Serbian People in Need



Saosećanje polazi od nas

Za poboljšanje života potrebitih Srba

Joining Hands to Help Our Serbs

A Note from the President, Kathy Fanslow...

Our Serbs is an organization created to help those in need. The Serbian people have been oppressed and are desperate to find ways to support their families.

Whether young or elderly, a school or an orphanage, or a specific family that needs and wants to begin a project that would make them self-sufficient...Our Serbs is committed to be there to help.

Working with Princess Katherine for the last 10-years...and what a wonderful ten years it was, we have impacted many who were in need.

Our goal is to travel to rural areas of Serbia to let those in need know that they have not been forgotten.

With you and your help, we will accomplish individual or family at a time. Please help them!

Mission Statement: To better the lives of the less fortunate and provide help, hope and guidance for a better future.


Poruka od predsednice, Keti Fenslou...

Naši Srbi“ je organizacija koja je nastala kako bi pomagala potrebitima. Narod u Srbiji je dugo ugnjetavan i očajnički traži način da izdržava svoje porodice.

Da li je reč o mladima ili starima, školi ili sirotištu, ili konkretnoj porodici koja ima potrebu i želju da započne projekat koji bi joj omogućio redovno izdržavanje... Organizacija Naši Srbi je odlučna da se nađe i pomogne.

Vrdila, Serbia

Versko Drustvo Staratelja approached OUR SERBS with a project that would have great impact on the life of a Serbian family. Versko had recognized the need of a large family struggling to stay together and live a self-sustainable life.

Family Vasic, a family of six headed by parents Bogdan and Ana Marija, and their four young children were forced to move. Given the dire economic situation in the cities, the Vasic family had to move to the village of Vrdila near Kraljevo where they have a small home with a barn, a few sheep, and some rabbits. Abutting their property is a tract of land owned by a large food processing company. Serbia is the world’s largest exporter of raspberries, and the land next to the Vasic’s has a bountiful harvest of raspberries. The soil conditions and climate create an abundance of this crop, a major source of revenue in exported goods for Serbia. Many families like the Vasics feel forced to move to the agricultural areas to provide an income for their families.

Mr. Vasic saw this and decided to cover his half acre with raspberries. There was just one challenge: he needed 1,800 raspberry plants to cover his half acre of land. The soil was tested and showed the land was ripe for producing an abundant harvest of berries. However, he lacked the funds to purchase the plants.

OUR SERBS stepped in and donated the funds. The planting will begin shortly since raspberries are planted in early spring. This is only the beginning. Stay entrenched with us for the next chapter in the Vasic Family Project as we watch this family and crops blossom.

April 2016 Update

We are excited to share an update on this project. The planting process has begun, and as you can see from the pictures below the fields are being prepared for the planting of the raspberry canes. Calcium is being spread throughout as the first phase. Once the work was completed Bogdan invited us to his village.

June 2016 Update

Even though we had some terrible rains, the plants are healthy and doing great.  Happiness is watching the garden grow!


For families like Vasic, farming promises vitality, which is difficult to find in the cities.  For rural communities, farming unites people under a common bond, caring for the land and taking pride in the work they do.  Farming isn’t a means to an end; but rather a way to thrive and feel fulfilled while caring for family in the traditional culture.  During our visit, they were very proud to show us the new raspberries coming in, even though it takes several years for them to produce.  They also had planted onions and potatoes.

Radeći sa Princezom Katarinom poslednjih 10 godina, i to kako divnih 10 godina, ostavili smo traga kod mnogih kojima je trebala pomoć.

Naš cilj je da obiđemo sela u Srbiji i da damo do znanja onima kojima je pomoć potrebna da nisu zaboravljeni.

Sa vama i vašom pomoći, postići ćemo ovo... pomoći jednoj po jednoj osobi ili porodici. Molimo vas pomozite nam.. pomozite njima!

Misija: Poboljšanje života unesrećenih kao i pružanje pomoći, davanje nade i usmeravanje ka boljoj budućnosti.



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