St. Basil of Ostrog
Serbian Orthodox Church
Lake Forest, Illinois

Bishop Nikolai Choir

The St. Basil Choir, dedicated and named for the late +Bishop Nikolai Velimirovic, (Bishop Nikolai of Zhicha), is under the direction of Nada Savatic. Nada’s choir leadership experiences include having sung in and directed the Branko Radicevich Choir of Holy Resurrection Cathedral in Chicago.

The Bishop Nikolai Choir is an integral and important part of church services. The choir provides liturgical and all service responses in two languages. The choir in an Orthodox Church is not entertainment and not meant to highlight individual talent, but rather a ministry to lead the congregation in prayer and praise. The human voice is considered the finest instrument and most Orthodox choirs sing acapella, or without instruments.

Everyone is welcome to join the choir to sing the responses that bring more meaning to our services. Choir practices are Wednesday nights in the social hall at 7:30 PM. The choir observes the Bishop Nikolai slava in May.

The Bishop Nikolai Choir participates in area choral concerts, as well as, the national festival. At times the choir also learns various historic musical selections and may even sing in concert with cultural musical accompaniment. Choir is another great form of stewardship of time and talent to the church. Choir and its members are an integral part of an Orthodox church.

Everyone is welcome to sing and join the choir and sing the praises of God. If you are interested, contact the church office at 847-247-0077 and request to be put in contact with the director, Nada, and/or on the choir email list for updates and practice notices.


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