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192 Volunteers Produce One of Lake County’s Largest Festivals!
Taste of Serbia a unique way to share our rich culture, food, and music with the Lake County community.

This is the biggest event of the year for St. Basil Serbian Orthodox Church and one where parishioners pull together and work like a fine-tuned machine to host their guests.

Each year, new things get added and improvements are made. The food has become known as the best ethnic food in the area and is now one of the largest ethnic festivals in Lake County! Join us for an experience to remember.

Fun, laughter, great food, great entertainment, great hospitality, and where our GUESTS are top priority. Come and feel the happiness and energy of summer, fun, entertainment, and the Serbian culture.

We can hardly wait to host you! Welcome to our home!

We can hardly wait to host you! Welcome to our home!

Noon – 11:00 P.M., Sat. & Sun., August 31st and September 1st, Sunday Liturgy – 10:00 A.M.

Serbian Cuisine – A Combination of Culture, Love & Presentation

Serbian cuisine (Serbian: српска кухиња / srpska kuhinja) is a heterogeneous cuisine, sharing characteristics of the Balkans (especially former Yugoslavia), the Mediterranean (especially Greek), Turkish, and Central European (especially Austrian and Hungarian) cuisines.

The national dishes include; Pljeskavica (hamburger), Ćevapčići (grilled minced meat), and Sarma. Plum brandy is also popular well-known drink often a delicacy prepared in the villages (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serbian_cuisine).

Taste of Serbia has won the reputation for outstanding preparation of meats, meals, and pastries. Guests can enjoy various meals through online ordering from the MENU page of this website with priority parking for order pickups, as well as, attending Taste of Serbia to enjoy a wider selection of food and beverages from the “on the premises” menu.


Music on this page: Title: Melodije Sumadije, Artist: Branko Krsmanovic Group, Album: Music of Serbia & Montenegro