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St. Basil

Welcome to the Saint Basil of Ostrog Serbian Orthodox Church Website, a new ministry and medium of this parish community. On behalf of the parish trusteeship council, and the faithful of the parish family, we are grateful that you are taking the time to view this website. Our parish consists of faithful men, women and children seeking to live a life dedicated to Christ and His Church. This Church is the body of believing Orthodox Christians throughout the world, who share a common spiritual bond. By worshiping, witnessing, serving, learning, working and socializing together, we seek to make Christ’s presence felt in our community, and to make God’s Kingdom real in our parish.

Saint Basil of Ostrog Serbian Orthodox Church is a vibrant community located north of Chicago that embraces diversity, within one faith – the Serbian Orthodox Christian Faith. More and more people throughout America, and the world, are becoming aware of the unchanging truths of the Serbian Orthodox Church. Once called Christianity’s “Best-Kept Secret,” the word is out, and people are coming to know and embrace the stability, peace, calmness and continuity preserved in the Orthodox Church since the New Testament era through today. We invite you to attend our services, and to join our parish family for worship, education, fellowship, and preservation and perpetuation of our culture. Everyone is always welcome! Unconditional love for all!

Divine Liturgies on Sundays and Feast Days at 10:00 AM
Vespers at 5:00 PM Saturdays and for Feast Days

V. Rev. – Djuro Krosnjar: 847-477-1531 or

St. Basil of Ostrog Church Office: 847 – 247 – 0077


Добродошли на вебсајт српске православне цркве Светог Василија Острошког, нове службе и медијума ове парохијске заједнице. У име парохијског старатељског одбора и верника ове парохијске породице, благодаримо Вам што сте одвојили време да погледате овај вебсајт. Наша парохија се састоји од верних људи, жена и деце који теже да живе животом који је посвећен Христу и Његовој Цркви. Ова Црква је тело верујућих православних хришћана широм света, који деле заједничку духовну везу. Богослужећи, сведочећи, служећи, учећи, радећи и дружећи се, заједно тежимо да осетимо Христово присуство у нашој заједници и да учинимо да Божије Царство постане стварност у нашој парохији.

Српска православна црква Светог Василија Острошког је жива заједница смештена северно од Чикага, која прихвата разноликост унутар једне вере – српске православне хришћанске вере. Све више људи широм Америке и света постају свесни непромењивих истина Српске Православне Цркве. Реч о православној вери, која је некада била позната као “најбоље чувана тајна” хришћанства, сада се прочула те људи долазе до сазнања и примају постојаност, мир, смирење и континуитет који се чува у Православној Цркви од новозаветног времена до данас. Позивамо вас да присуствујете богослужењима, и да се придружите нашој парохијској породици ради молитве, образовања, дружења, очувања и овековечења наше културе. Сви сте увек добродошли! Безусловна љубав према свима! Божанствена Литургија недељом и празником у 10 часова.
Вечерње у 17 часова суботом и уочи празника.

St. Basil as ChildAbout St. Basil of Ostrog

Basil was born in Popovo Selo in Herzegovina, of simple and devout parents. From his youth he was filled with love for the Church of God, and when he grew up he went to the monastery of the Dormition of the Mother of God at Trebinje, and became a monk. As such, he quickly became known for his serious and rare ascetic life, for he loaded himself with ascetic practices, each harder than the last. He was later chosen and consecrated as Bishop of Zahum and Skenderia, much against his will. As a bishop, he first lived in the monastery at Tvrdos, whence, as a good pastor, he confirmed his flock in the Orthodox faith, keeping it from the cruelty of the Turks and the guile of the Latins. But when he was too pressed-upon by his enemies, and when Tvrdos* was destroyed by the Turks, Basil moved to Ostrog, where he lived in strict asceticism, protecting his flock by his unceasing and loving prayers.

He went peacefully to the Lord in the 16th century, leaving his whole and healing body, uncorrupt and wonderworking, to the present day. The miracles at the grave of St Basil are without number. Both Christians and Moslems hasten to his relics and find healing of the gravest sicknesses and sufferings. A great national gathering takes place there every year at Pentecost. Taken from the Prologue from Ochrid by Bishop Nikolaj Velimirovich

Родом из Попова Села у Херцеговини, од родитеља простих но благочестивих. Од малена беше испуњен љубављу према Цркви Божјој, а када поодрасте оде у Требињски манастир Успенија Богородице и прими монашки чин. Као монах убрзо се прочу због свог озбиљног и ретког подвижничког живота. Јер налагаше на себе подвиг за подвигом, све тежи од тежега. Доцније би изабран и посвећен за епископа Захумског и Скендеријског, мимо своје воље. Као архијереј најпре становаше у манастиру Тврдошу, и одатле као пастир добри утврђиваше стадо своје у вери православној чувајући га од свирепства турског и лукавства латинског. А када би и сувише притешњен непријатељима, и када Тврдош* би разорен од Турака, пресели се Василије у Острог, где се тврдо подвизаваше ограђујући стадо своје безпрестаним и топлим молитвама својим.

Престави се мирно Господу, у XVI веку, оставивши своје целе и целебне мошти, неиструлеле и чудотворне до дана данашњега. Чудеса на гробу св. Василија су безбројна. К његовим моштима притичу и хришћани и муслимани, и налазе исцелења у најтежим болестима и мукама својим. Велики народни сабор у Острогу бива сваке године о Тројицама.


19th Annual Petrovdan – St. Peter Day Golf Outing & Picnic!

Join us on Saturday July 16, 2016 for the 19th Annual Petrovdan – St. Peter Day Golf Outing & Picnic.

Click Here For Information On Our 19th Annual Golf Outing, Registration Forms, & Hole Sponsorship Opportunities. Slots are filling up so reserve your spot NOW!

2014 SFF Choral Workshop – October 3-5 & 12, 2014
Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral

The Sky Was Filled with Stars aims to present the breadth and depth of the musical genius of Stevan Stojanovic Mokranjac in a program of intellectual considerations, hands-on workshop experience, an a cappella choral concert, and Mokranjac’s Liturgy and Requiem.

This four-part program will be of interest to musicians as well as the general public, introducing non-Serbs to stunning choral compositions and expanding Serb-Americans’ knowledge and understanding of their own cultural heritage.
Click Here for details & registration forms

Saint Mary of Egypt – perhaps the quintessential example of repentance.

Click here and take a moment to read the latest Orthodox educational articles handpicked by Father Djuro Krosnjar.

2014 St. Basil Church & Kolo Calendar of Events

Click Here to View the St. Basil Church Events Calendar by Month

Click Here to View Upcoming March-June 2014 Kolo Events

The Voice of Ostrog Magazine – Glas Ostroga

Announcing the first digital release of Volume 1, Number 1 of The Voice of Ostrog – the OFFICIAL magazine publication of Saint Basil of Ostrog Serbian Orthodox Church.

This digital magazine is an attempt to record the past several years of the life and work of St. Basil of Ostrog Serbian Orthodox Church. In digital format, editing can update and correct items that need to be in support of recording religious life and work at St. Basil of Ostrog Church and its faithful. Download your copy for reading on your computer, tablet/iPad, or smartphone today. Volume 1, Number 1 of The Voice of Ostrog – the OFFICIAL magazine publication of Saint Basil of Ostrog Serbian Orthodox Church!

This is a humble attempt to begin to document life at St. Basil for history, as well as donations and contributors that supported the church. It is not all that was given, as sometimes it is challenging to compile such a list, but an attempt to record them for a period of time for this printing recording history of the past four years. St. Basil of Ostrog Church is grateful for the strides made over the past four years, thanks to many people and friends of St. Basil of Ostrog Serbian Orthodox Church and to people who are not members or even live in this geographic part of America, but who support St. Basil of Ostrog Serbian Orthodox Church work when help was needed most. We owe them our humble gratitude.

The plan is to have future issue, approximately yearly. I know it is a practice in our church not to publish donations, and stewardship donations, but the decision was made to publish what was available in the earliest time of these years for this first issue. We are grateful to all those who helped such as various business, business people, professionals, craftsman, and all those with an expertise and love for working in support of St. Basil of Ostrog Church in every possible and conceivable way. We thank those who gave of their time, talents, and financial means to lift the heart of St. Basil of Ostrog Church, when it needed to be lifted with love to see her thrive for the glory of God.

This attempt to record history of the past four years was an effort of many faithful. Suggestions for edits and future issues can be sent to

Click Here to download your copy now!


Summer pilgrimage for youth and young adult Orthodox Christians seeking to deepen their faith and spirituality. The trip will include visiting monasteries, church, cultural sites, with participation in various projects and conversations with contemporary Orthodox elders, hierarchs and their own peers. Visits to Constantinople, Hilandar and Holy Mountain, Belgrade, Zicha – Studenica – Gradac, Ostrog, Trebinje – Tvrdos! June 24-July 7, 2014. Openings for 30 participants.

Contact Fr. Bratso Krsic via email, by phone: 619-316-2362, OR contact the Office of Western Diocese via email, by phone: 626-289-9061.

Investment of $3,000. $500 deposit due by March 5th to reserve one of the thirty openings. Congratulations to the planners and trip leaders. Best wishes for great success.

Click Here for all the details!


St. Basil of Ostrog Facebook Page

Please log on to our Facebook page and be sure to ‘Like Us’! We will be constantly updating announcements and uploading EXCLUSIVE photographs from Church events!


Kolo is holding its annual meeting on December 28, 2014 after Liturgy. All sisters are invited to attend and lunch is free for members. Warmest holiday greetings to all our sisters.

Click Here to visit our KSS Page

Newly Posted Articles on Our Orthodoxy Education Page!

Take a few moments during your day to learn more about your Orthodox Faith. Come check out a few new articles by:
Bishop Dimitry
Bishop Maxim, of Western America
Father Nicholas Behr, of Orthodox Church of the Nativity of the Mother of God – Bristol

Click Here for Newly Posted Articles

Guest Lecture Series Friday, November 9th – Milena (Tatic) Bajich, Psy.D.

Clinical Psychologist will be the guest speaker at the Friday, Nov. 9th St. Basil guest lecture series held on various Friday evenings throughout the year. Dr. Bajich always connects current concerns and topics to our daily lives and interactions with others. The lecture starts at 7:30 PM. We look forward to seeing you there!


Ray Kumala – St. Basil Military Honoree *Update*

St. Basil church parishioner Ray Kulmala’s WWII eye witness accounts now become part of the permanent records of the US Library of Congress. Ray was accompanied by his daughter Diane Vojcanin as he retold his WWII eyewitness accounts of those days of his life. Lake County court reporters documented all stories for the Library. We are so proud of Ray. Read More


Six Lake County veterans were among a full aircraft leaving Midway Airport on Wednesday during the latest chapter of Honor Flight Chicago, which transports World War II veterans free of charge to visit their memorial in Washington, D.C. Read More

Christ’s Tomb and Bishop’s Throne

Two new special gifts to St. Basil Church add beautiful needed items. Special gratitude to The John Stokovich Family, on the donation of a new Christ’s tomb and Bishop’s throne to St. Basil of Ostrog Church. The beautiful tomb and throne were blessed by Bishop Longin, during the lenten season and used for Pascha 2012. The tomb was decorated for the first time by volunteers who prepared it for Friday of Holy Week. Anja Valenti led the decoration of the tomb and donated the flowers that will stay on the tomb throughout the year. Christ’s tomb was a very special addition to holy week services. Thank you to John and his sons Matija and Jovan for their generosity with these two gifts that touch the lives of many others through what they add when used at the church and during services. Read More

New Carpeting

St. Basil Church recently completed an update and beautification project with the installation of new carpeting in the church, bookstore, and office. Special carpeting was also installed in the altar. The Trusteeship Board met to discuss the project and review the bids presented for the completion of the project. A very special thank you to the project donors who so generously supported the board’s efforts to maintain the church facilities and the many who gave so generously, humbly and without any special recognition or acknowledgement. Thank you to Anja Valenti and KSS President Richelle Arandjelovic for their guidance with various aspects of the project. Thank you everyone for expressing your love and support of St. Basil Church in yet another way. Read More

Visit our Dedicated Taste of Serbia Website!

Taste of Serbia websiteTaste of Serbia was wonderful. Be a part of sharing our culture and culinary arts with others by visiting and sharing our dedicated Taste of Serbia website. And sign up to help for one or more shifts or days next year at

Libertyville Days Parade Features Special Guest Vlade Divac – Serbian Section Wins First Place

The 2012 Libertyville Days Parade sponsored through the efforts and support of St. Basil faithful and the Sv. Jelena KSS was a huge success. This year’s theme was “Celebrating the Spirit”. The annual Serbian section of the parade celebrated the winning spirit of NBA star Vlade Divac of the LA Lakers and the Sacramento Kings. The Serbian parade section included various banner advertising Serbians in the Libertyville area over 100 years, the Taste of Serbia, our two monasteries, a car with our guest, and our float/trailer. There were also a number of walking guests this year that provided special cheering as DJ Spaz played music and announced our special guest at various points in the parade. There was no shortage of Serbian flags or spirit as you encircled the sections with the flying flags. Section co-chairs were Anna Bogojevic, Daniela Gavric, and p. Anne Krosnjar. Equipment and transportation was organized by Goran Bogojevich, while the truck, trailer, and golf carts were provided by the Stokovich Family of Libertyville Manor Extended Care of Libertyville. Special thanks to DJ Spaz for providing the music and excitement and a group of young dancers in costume from the Gracanica dance group. A special moment was when the parade ended with Vlade insisting on dancing one kolo with all the children in the Serbian parade section. All units had to stop for this event. Read More

St. Basil High School and Middle School Students Learn First Hand Actress Natalija Nogulich

Television and film star Natalija Nogulich was in Chicago by request of the play’s author to direct a special play that is headed for Broadway. While in town to direct and visit family, Natalija was invited to be one of the many high school Church School guest speakers. The middle school was also invited for this special presentation. Each student received an 11×17 pictorial history of Natalija’s life and work. She walked students through her childhood, high school years, college life and the stories that encompass getting into acting and the numerous films she appeared in and the actors she met on this incredible life journey. Natialja had just completed a television pilot before coming to Chicago and is also teaching acting at the college level and coaching actors as well. She is also an avid community service volunteer and recently completed a project for soldiers serving in current wars. The students were enthralled by her candid and sometimes humorous presentation that beautifully wove God, faith, family and culture throughout the stages of her life. Students really connected with this extraordinary person. Best wishes Natalija on your continues successful career. Read More

St. Basil of Ostrog Basketball Teams

Congratulations St. Basil of Ostrog basketball teams on their participation in the SNF annual tournament. The senior women’s team was coached by Mike Savatic. There was no shortage of star power on the women’s basketball team. It comprised of exceptional women athletes who had exceptional playing careers in high school and/or college. Thank you girls. We are so proud of you! Also, congratulations to the boys intermediate team coached by Misko Dragin for their champion runner’s up placing and trophy. Great job guys! Keep up the great sportsmanship. You make us proud and honor our parish by your leading by example in sporting events. See you next June in Detroit!

Milan Puskar Receives Highest Honor

Milan Puskar

Milan “Mike” Puskar, co-founder of the third-largest generic pharmaceuticals company in the world and longtime donor to West Virginia University, died Friday at age 77. Puskar died at 8:30 p.m. in Morgantown after a battle with cancer, said Steve Lorenze, his business partner. In 1961, Puskar co-founded Mylan Laboratories Inc. in Morgantown. Puskar received an honorary doctorate from WVU in 2000, and was inducted into WVU’s Order of Vandalia in 2003, an honor given in recognition of extraordinary service to the university.

WVU President James P. Clements released a statement Friday night thanking Puskar for his support of athletics and cancer research. “Milan ‘Mike’ Puskar was just a tremendous person — generous, humble and very kind. Because of his success in the business world, he was able to help so many others, and he took great pride and care in his generosity to West Virginia University,” Clements stated. “His gifts came in the form of scholarships for students, funds for WVU athletics, support for cancer research and many other endeavors.” read more.

Luka Mirkovic Graduated from Northwestern University

St. Basil Church says goodbye to friend, student, supporter and athlete Luka Mirkovic. He recently graduated from Northwestern University where he played varsity basketball for his four years of college. Luka successfully earned his degree in communications and business. He returned home for a rest and before beginning a career playing professional basketball in Europe. We will all miss Luka and his role in mentoring and leading youth by example. God bless you Luka!

Wimbledon Champion #1 Tennis Player in World Djokovic Bag Check

Nadal DjokovicClick here for information.

St. Basil Parish Honors the Class of 2012

St. Basil observed the annual honoring of the St. Basil Church School Class of 2012 on Sunday, May 13th, while also observing the church and choir slava. read more.

2012 Recipients of the High School Leadership Awards

St Basil Leadership AwardsHigh School Leadership Awards. On Sunday, April 27, members of the St. Basil high school church school class packed their cars with food for a buffet and headed for the James Lovell Military Hospital in North Chicago, Il. read more.

Judge Ted Potkonjak Continues Help Students Learn About Government

Judge Ted PotkonjakPotkonjak continues his legal career with time for mentoring youth and leading by example by supporting the efforts of area high school and elementary school students in their pursuit of excellence and learning about government, the constitution and democracy. read more.

High School and Middle School Students Stewardship

Teaching stewardship starts from the ground up. On the hottest day in May the St. Basil teens held their first act of collective stewardship by hosting a car wash following liturgy. read more.

Taste of Serbia


Click here for more information and to order food online.

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